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You know I was despaired and scared. And I couldn’t believe that a simple chat gave me hope. That’s priceless today!
Natalia, 28
Ukraine, Kharkiv
Use Power of Words To Support Women From Warzone
War brings tears to thousands of people, never expecting such a turn of events. Single women are among those whose regular lives have been affected. Ladies from the warzone need your support in chat. Pay some more attention to those who really need it now! Send a word of support to make them all feel cheerful — your encouragement does matter!
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Real Stories From Real People
A few honest pieces describing the everyday life of a single woman during the wartime kindly shared by our brave female members…
A great part of my neighborhood left right after the invasion on the 24th of February. I had stayed up to the end until I discovered myself in the cellar going up and down. I eventually left with a handicapped woman who got through to her son who managed to pick us up from the other side of the river.
Ukraine, Irpen
Evgenia, 31
Ukraine, Kharkiv
Alyona, 27
It is natural that many people choose to run from the war abandoning their homes. I made a decision to stay up with my parents and moved into their house. I remember I could not find insulin and diuretics for mom — all drug stores were closed.
Ukraine, Odesa
There is no actual warzone in Odesa, but missiles keep on striking residences and killing people… And nobody knows what is going to be like tomorrow. There are more and less dangerous areas, but, honestly, who knows which is which?
Anna, 25
Unfortunately, my grandfather, my mother, and I had to flee in early April, and all my close friends did so. We had participated against the occupation troops, but not at the forefront, though. The value of human life has decreased now.
Ukraine, Kherson
Olga, 33
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